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Product of the Month

Spring clean your body!

With the end of winter you may be doing your annual spring cleaning around the house, but you can also clean up your health with a 12 day detoxification.  This is why our April Product of the Month is Gaia Herbs Supreme Cleanse.

Gaia Herbs Supreme Cleanse is a 100% herbal whole body detoxification. This 12-day program gently and effectively supports elimination of toxins and healthy digestion and liver function.

This cleanse supports the healthy movement of toxins from tissue storage while gently cleansing the liver and nourishing the intestinal tract. The instructions also will help educate you on eating a whole foods diet and reducing exposure to common allergens and irritants. This allows your body to perform at an optimal level of elimination and cleansing.

Some benefits of this cleanse include:

  • Supports the mucosal lining of the gut and intestines, helping to maintain healthy digestive function
  • Promotes healthy lymph curculation, supporting elimination through the kidneys and helping to maintain healthy skin
  • Supports the natural role of the liver to manage the detoxification processes
  • Supports healthy digestion and elimination
  • Promotes healthy nutrient use by your body

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