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Minor Surgery Clinic Saturday April 22nd, 9am - 12pm

Minor Surgery Clinic


Irritated by a mole, wart, skin tag or ingrown toenail?

The SCNM Medical Center will be holding a minor surgery clinic on Saturday, April 22nd from 9am - 12pm.  

We will be providing treatments for the following conditions at the prices below.

Skin tags (as many as time permits) $20 - $40
Warts, moles, seborrheic keratosis $10 - $70
Scar therapy $30 - $50
Removal of ingrown toenails $33.50
Excision of lipomas, sebaceous cysts, dermatofibroma $50 - $100

Call 480.428.3232 or email us at psr@scnm.edu to schedule your appointment.  We look forward to seeing you!

Exams are performed by advanced medical students and supervised by a naturopathic doctor.